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School Procedures

                        1.        No food is allowed in carpeted areas.

2.      Students should travel the building under teacher/professional/staff supervision. Unsupervised travel requires the use of a Classroom Pass.  Nursery, Kindergarten, and Elementary Level Students must be supervised traveling to and from breakfast, lunch, recess, and specialized activities such as art, physical education, and special events.

3.       It is instructed by the Superintendent that students are not to be transported in private cars.  Field trips may only utilize BPS vehicles or BPS approved vehicles, and field trip procedures must be followed.

4.       It is the policy of the Boston Public Schools that a student may never be left unattended by a responsible adult.  Students may not be placed outside a classroom unattended.

Kindergarten - Elementary

At this level students must never be allowed to travel the school unescorted by an adult.

Evaluation Unit Personnel will pick up students and return them to and from scheduled appointments if a paraprofessional is unassigned to the classroom.

Students must not be sent to the audiologist unless they have a scheduled appointment.  In this event the audiologist will pick up and return the student.  Hearing aid batteries will be available from the department coordinator.

There will be an established schedule for classes to use the lavatory with a teacher supervising.  Once a reasonable schedule is established, students should not be allowed to go into the lavatory during the day except in an emergency.  In this case the teacher must log the trip; i.e.., student’s name, date, time out/in.

Middle and High School

          Morning Schedule:

                   Breakfast duty (Assigned to designated staff)

a.       On duty at 7:10 a.m. with a staff member located in a different part of the congregating area; Students desiring breakfast will eat in the cafeteria and then will go directly to the fourth floor department area.

b.       Homeroom teachers “pick up” homeroom students from the designated congregation area at 7:20 a.m.

          Daily Schedule:

All teachers are required to be outside their classroom, in the corridor, during filing to and from all classes for the purpose of supervision.

Lunch Schedule:

Middle School 

All students will be dismissed to the Middle School open area from the preceding class. At this time Ms. Owen will report to the lunch area. Appropriate staff will supervise. On duty, Ms. Rebeca Owen, Ms. Shephard and any newly assigned Middle School Paraprofessionals.

Designated Staff will supervise students returning to the fourth floor.

High School 

High school students will be dismissed to the Gold Room directly from the preceding class period.  Ms. Levis will be on duty in the lunchroom and will deliver the lunches.  The appropriate staff will supervise students returning to the fourth floor including Mr. Shepard and Ms. Drury.

Class Coverage

Paraprofessionals who are not being paid to substitute teach may not be left alone with students in a classroom setting including art, science, physical education and computer labs.

If the situation arises, paras will first remind the teacher that they cannot cover: If the teacher does not comply, the paras will bring the students to the office.

In addition, paras, when they walk students to a class will wait two minutes for the teacher.  If the teacher is not present, they will bring the students to the office.

Boston Public Schools Attendance Policy

The requirement is 93.3% attendance.

Teacher/School Responsibilities

Student Attendance

The Boston Public School Promotion Policy requires carefully monitored attendance within each grading period to receive passing report card grades.”

In reference to this policy, please note and adhere to the following procedures:

1.       Attendance will be taken daily at 8:00 a.m.; at this time attendance will be recorded on the Form 2/49, State Attendance Form, and on the daily attendance form.

2.       The Daily Attendance Form must be submitted by each homeroom teacher (teacher of period 2, middle and high school) to Paula Wilson in the Media Center by 8:30 a.m.

3.       A student is considered enrolled on the first day he/she appears. Any student who appears after the first day of school should be entered on the date his/her appearance.

Kindergarten students entering on September 12, 2005 are entered (E) on that date. Early Childhood students entering on September 13, 2005 are entered (E) on that date.  

4.       Students who arrive after the beginning of the school day are tardy; i.e., after 7:20 a.m. Upon arrival the student must be marked T.  If the tardiness is due to a SPED bus problem, it is marked Tb.  The time of arrival should also be noted on the Form 2/49.  If there is a bus strike, students on BPS door to door transportation who are marked absent are marked 1b.

5.       Attendance must be taken and recorded by the teacher at he beginning of every class period in middle and high school and all elementary classes outside of the homeroom; i.e. physical education, art, etc.

6.       A student must be in attendance for at least one half of the school day in order to be considered present.  Notations of early dismissal must be recorded with the time of dismissal.

          7.       A student in grades 6-12 must be present one half of a class 

                    period in order to get credit for that class.


          8.      It is required that the absent student must submit a note of     

                   explanation for absences.  The teacher who takes the official

                   attendance (homeroom teacher) must keep these notes           

                   on file in the cumulative record and submit them to the office 

                   in June, 2005.     


          9.      Students who leave school early with written parental

                   permission must have the time of dismissal recorded on the

                   Form 2/49 and must sign out in the office.