Individual Educational Plan

Important information regarding IEP's/progress reports.

  1. Staff will receive monthly calendars in advance with date/time for Annual Reviews, Re-Evaluations and Originals. Meeting dates will adhere to P&D time. If there is a conflict and the meeting has to be held during a class period, coverage will be arranged with coordinator.

  2. A due date is listed for reports. These reports must be handed to the Evaluation Unit 2 days prior to the meeting. This will be adhered to in the upcoming school year. If there is any information missing, reports will be handed back.

  3. For an Annual Review, use the form on the Forms Page.

  4. For a Re-Evaluation, use the form on the Forms Page (it says Educational Assessment on the front).

  5. Either the Annual Review or the Re-Evaluation form must be used. Unified Student Services requires it. These are kept on file.

  6. For Out of Town Students, the DOE form can be used. It is a template that looks different form the Unified Student Services form. You can use the Unified Student Services form if you prefer.

  7. The student summary must include data such as: current MCAS results, accommodations utilized for testing/teaching, language of instruction, DRA levels. With the DRA levels, explain what the "number" means such as grade level and skills/strengths/weaknesses. Language of instruction must be stated.

  8. Be prepared to discuss with TEAM/parents what the MCAS scheduling for students will be for the upcoming school year. If a student is to take Alternate Assessment it must be clearly explained tot he parent.

  9. The Service delivery page must be filled in for all services/subjects with the times/days per week.

  10. Goals and objectives used from SEIMS must be written in carefully and the goal text must accompany them. Often, numbers are incorrectly written and the goal will be inputted in the system exactly as written.

  11. Progress reports must be sent home as often as report cards are issued. A copy must be given to the Evaluation Unit for the files and a copy should be in the homeroom teacher files. Send the original home with the report card.  Middle and High School Progress report cards will go home 4 times, elementary will go home 3 times, and early childhood two times. Use the cover sheet for the progress report and write the dates of the time frame it is addressing.

  12. For homeroom teachers with students having more than one teacher, please ensure that you receive the goals from other teachers before you hand in your paperwork (2 days before). A complete packet must be handed in. You can certainly email me goals/reports ahead of time if you prefer or are concerned they may be misplaced (as can happen) but provide the homeroom teacher with the copy as well.

  13. It is recommended IEP's go home within 3 days after the meeting. If these guidelines are followed this can happen. Also, a parent has the right to a "draft" of the IEP and can ask for a copy prior to leaving the meeting.

All forms, templates, progress report cover sheets are on the forms page.





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