Charlestown High School Library


Class Use of Library
Teachers sign up in advance with librarian on a master calendar to use any part of the
Library. Spaces include: 2 sections of tables and chairs, 14 computers with Internet
access, and a dozen study carrels.

Computer Rules/Printing
Students (and their parents) must sign the Boston Public Schools acceptable use policy
before usinging any of the computers in the school. Students must use library computers for
school-related work only. They may use email only for school-related work. Chat rooms
are not allowed. Students are encouraged to use the Massachusetts State Databases as
well as recommended web sites.
Students are not allowed to print more than five (5) pages without permission from
the librarian.

Copy Machine
The copy machine is located near the circulation desk. There is no charge for copies.
Please see the librarian when you need to make copies.

Equipment Signup
Staff and students may sign up for library AV equipment with the school librarian. They
are then responisible for picking up the equipment and returning it by the end of the day.
Available equipment includes TV/VCR/DVD combinations, document camera, camera tripod,
digital video editing system, CD players, audiocassette player, and headphones.

Lamination Services
All school staff may have items laminated for school use. Minimum size is six (6) inches square.
Be sure to fill out a laminating request form at the circulation desk. Put your name
on each item. Allow 24 hours turnaround.

Poster Printer
All school staff may use the Poster Printer at any time during the school day. Please ask
for help if you have never used it.

Staff/Ask the Librarian
Dr. Nancy Jones, Library Media Specialist
All library patrons are encouraged to ask for help at the circulation desk
whenever they need it.

Requests/Recommendations for Adding Materials
Members of the CHS community are always welcome to submit suggestions for new
library materials to the librarian. Ordering for each school year must be submitted prior to
December 1.

The librarian accepts donations of used materials in good shape, on the condition that she
can choose which materials to keep for the library and which to pass on to other groups.
Gifts of new materials appropriate to the CHS curriculum will also be accepted, and gifts
of money are always accepted.