Charlestown High Schools

CHS Mission Statement

CHS SignCharlestown High School is dedicated to graduating highly skilled, motivated, civic-minded, independent learners through a rigorous curriculum with an equal emphasis on academics and relationships by collaborating with families, community organizations, post-secondary institutions, and business partners in preparation for college-level work and careers.

CHARACTER Instilling the values of intellectual and personal integrity, concern for others, hard work, self-discipline, self-actualization, and honoring commitments.

HUMANITARIANISM Fostering the values of citizenship and concern for society through participation in small learning communities in a climate of safety, respect, support and personalization.

SCHOLARSHIP Developing reading, writing, analytical, and problem-solving skills in a rigorous academic program through clear applications in preparation for post-secondary learning.

Charlestown High School has five Small Learning Communities (SLC) within the larger school.  Each SLC has approximately 240 students, a unit leader, and eight to ten teachers who get to know their students very well.